Bank of lung disease samples (Lung Biobank Platform)

This is a collection of lung tissue samples and relevant clinical information obtained from patients who must undergo pulmonary resection surgery for treatment purposes. The collection includes samples of lung tissue, but may also include other related biological samples (blood, plasma, sputum, broncho-alveolar lavage).

The historical origin of this collection is the node between Hospital del Mar and the Pulmonary Biobank Platform of CIBERES.

Patient eligibility criteria

Any patient with a clinical indication for pulmonary resection surgery will be eligible to be included in the biobank.

Inclusion criteria

Eligible patients for recruitment must accomplish the following criteria:

  • To be candidate for one of the following surgical procedures: lung biopsy, lung cancer surgery, lung volume reduction surgery, non-neoplastic lung resection, and transplant.
  • Sign the informed consent form.

Exclusion criteria

Patients with at least one of the following characteristics will be excluded from the recruitment process:

  • Refusal to participate or to sign the informed consent form.
  • Presence of an active lung infection.

Samples types collected

If it is possible, all patient’s tissue and associated samples. If the donor consents, other pulmonary related biological samples could be obtained (blood, plasma, serum, Broncho-alveolar lavage, sputum, etc.). In any case the Standard Operating Procedures will be followed.

Scientific purpose and interest

With the aim to promote multinational biomedical research we provide biospecimens and quality data to national and international researchers.

Make a contribution to improve the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases.

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