We can all contribute in biomedical research progress

At Parc de Salut Mar hospitals, as with the majority of other hospitals, biomedical research is performed alongside medical treatment. In this regard, biological material and its associated clinical data obtained from the diagnosis, treatment or control of diseases, once used for this purpose, may also be very useful and necessary to carry out biomedical research in general. This biological material that is left over after the patient’s diagnosis and/or treatment is referred to as “left over material after diagnosis”.

This material can be used to carry out scientific studies that improve the information currently available. Also, it will enable the progress in research and in the understanding of diseases (prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and/or treatment), being useful for future patients. Much of the scientific progress made in medicine in recent years is the result of these types of studies.

If you wish you can donate the left over material after diagnosis obtained during the treatment process (blood samples, biological liquids and tissue) for carrying out biomedical research without causing you any additional inconvenience. This material will be kept at Parc de Salut Mar biobank (MARBiobanc).

Purpose of samples

Since the diagnosis is realized and the Informed Consent is signed, the biological left over tissues will be included in Parc de Salut Mar biobank (MARBiobanc).

What is a biobank?

A biobank is an establishment or facility authorized to gather organized collections of biological samples (blood, urine, DNA, biological tissues, etc.) and associated data of biomedical interest. All samples and data are kept under optimal conditions and guaranteed quality and security required by law. The biobank is in charge both of storing the samples as well as providing them to researchers who request them for the purpose of carrying out their research. All research projects requesting biological samples from the biobank must have been previously approved by the biobank’s Ethics and Scientific Committees.

For more information about biobanks

You can consult the Spanish Biobank Network's web site. 

Donations are voluntary

Donations to the MARBiobanc of Parc de Salut Mar are voluntary and free. The donors will not obtain economic profit by the sample donation neither of the participation in research studies.

Despite the donor will not have a direct benefit, his donation is very important because it will contribute to progress in the knowledge about prevention, diagnose, prognostic and treatment of several diseases. Donations are voluntary and will be kept as long as the biobank remains active.

Revocation of informed consent form

Donors may revoke their consent at any time. For revocation, you have to send a request to the MARBiobanc manager. Then the biobank will contact the donor to determine the terms of this revocation. This revocation is free and shall under no circumstances have a negative impact on the medical treatment received by the donor.

For any doubt and request you can contact to: marbiobanc(ELIMINAR)

Biobank communications

Here you will find a compilation of the latest presentations made by the biobank in national and international meetings explainning its activity.