• Samples Assignment Service

    The biobank handle the biological samples requests and its associated clinical data. The tasks realized are:

    • Request reception.
    • The proceeding to the biobank external committee's (Scientific and Ethic Committees).
    • Consulting on the documentation required.
    • Resolution communication to the applicant.
    • Elaboration and sending of the biological material transfer agreements (MTA).
    • Sample and its information associated preparation and transport to external centres.
  • Register and Custody Services

    • Sample reception
    • Management of project collections, research lines collections and biobank collections (samples, documentation and data associated).
    • Research lines collections register to the ISCIII electronic platform.
    • Storage and traceability of biological human samples of several collections.
    • Real-time monitoring of the refrigeration equipment. Customer service 24h for incidences, alarms, etc.
    • Historical control temperature reports of the refrigeration equipment.
  • Advisory Service

    • Consulting services regarding the creation of new collections (samples and associated data).
    • Coordinate sample collections in multicentre studies.
    • Coding, labelling, transportation.
    • Ethic and legal aspects of collection development.
    • Support the research of samples in other biobanks.
  • Other Platforms and Services available in IMIM

    Cryopreservation and sample processing service

    • Experimental design advisory
    • Coding and labelling
    • Serum and plasma isolation.
    • Peripheral Blood lymphocytes purification and cryopreservation
    • Cryopreserved and paraffin-embedded tissue processing.
    • Basic histological staining

    Laser Capture Microdissection

    • Advisory services towards self-reliance in the use of ARCTURUS XT™
    • Technical support in processing complex samples
    • Operating under self-service

    Genomic Platform (MARGenomics)

    • Experimental design advisory
    • DNA and RNA purification in different samples (Blood, frozen or paraffin-embedded tissue...)
    • DNA and RNA quality (Quantification and integrity)
    • qPCR 
    • Microarrays
    • Next Generation Sequencing. 
    • Data analysis