About us

MARBiobanc is the Parc de Salut Mar’s biobank. It is a public non-profit organization that gathers various biological samples collections conceived for biomedical research purposes. MARBiobanc is organized as a technical unit with standards of quality, order and purpose.

*Law 14/2007 of July 3 on Biomedical Research


According to the Law 14/2007 guidelines of July 3 on Biomedical Research, our objectives are:

  • To guarantee the traceability and quality of human biological samples and associated data.
  • To consolidate already existing collections at Parc de Salut Mar.
  • To develop new collections relevant for the scientific community.
  • To facilitate samples to the scientific community, ensuring the rational, ethical and legal use of available resources at all times.
  • To promote quality practices.


  • To coordinate the Parc de Salut Mar collections deposited at the biobank.
  • To manage the reception of collections and the storage and traceability of samples.
  • To guarantee the confidentiality of samples associated data.
  • To guarantee temperature control for the refrigeration equipment where samples are stored.
  • To manage sample requests.
  • To train the biobank’s technical staff and technicians from groups promoting collections in the areas of: coding, cryopreservation and traceability of samples and management of collection quality.
  • To give advice on technical, ethical and legal matters.
  • To implement and ongoing improvement program integrated within the Biobank’s Quality Management System.


The biobank should have one scientific manager, a file responsible and has to be assigned to a Scientific Committee and to an Ethics Committee. Both assist the biobank director in the discharge of their duties.

Organization chart:

The MARBiobanc is structured around three areas, one that includes primarily tissues (solid tissues and blood), one that includes surplus from the clinical analysis laboratory and another that includes all other non-tissue samples (serum, plasma, urine, etc.). Each of these areas is duly authorized to store and monitor its specific types of samples.

Responsibility lines 

MARBiobanc incumbent and File responsible: Consorci Mar Parc de Salut de Barcelona.

MARBiobanc Management

Scientific Manager: (ELIMINAR)M(ELIMINAR)ar Iglesias Coma
Coordination: Marta Bódalo Torruella(ELIMINAR)
Secretary: Eulàlia Puigmartí Pich(ELIMINAR)

MARBiobanc Technical Managers and technicians

Technical Manager (H. del Mar): Beatriz Bellosillo Paricio(ELIMINAR) 
Lab Technicians: Erica Torres Fernández(ELIMINAR), Héctor Vaquero Gallardo(ELIMINAR) y Miquel Clarós Jorge(ELIMINAR)

Biobank External Committees

Annual Report

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