DNA bank for oncological diseases

Collection of biological material left over samples from diagnostic testing in patients diagnosed with some of the most prevalent tumours in the Spanish population: solid tumours (colorectal, breast, squamous head and neck cancer, lung, prostate) and hematological malignancies (chronic lymphocytic leukemia, chronic myeloproliferative disease, acute leukemia and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma), as well as the information associated with these samples.

The historical origin of this collection is the left over material from diagnosed patients.

Patient eligibility criteria

Eligible patients for recruitment must accomplish the following criteria:

  • Patients must have been diagnosed with one of the tumorous conditions most prevalent in the Spanish population according to the standardized definitions and guides from international scientific societies and have a clinical indication for biopsy samples or extirpation (minor or major surgery).
  • Sign the informed consent form.

Sample types collected

DNA extracted from tumour samples (peripheral blood, bone marrow, cell suspension, etc.).

Scientific purpose and interest

To create a DNA bank with samples from patients with cancer and make them available to the scientific community. The purpose is to facilitate, to promote and to develop national and international scientific research about human evolution, cancer genomic diversity, the origin and treatment of this pathology.

The specific purpose is::

  • To create a biobank where samples of various types of tumours, both solid and hematological, can be stored and made them available to the scientific community.  Create a biorepository of DNA samples extracted from samples that have been collected and stored.

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