MARBiobanc considers one of its most important objectives to safeguard and provide biological samples and associated information to ensure the interest to the scientific community.

Quality Assurance Policy

MARBiobanc belongs to IMIM's Core Facilities which main objective is providing necessary support to scientific community in carrying out their research activities. MARBiobanc and Core Facilities place a wide range of services and equipment at your disposal as well as technic support for its use.

Following these principles, Quality Assurance Policy of Core Facilities consists of:

  • Establishing a system of continuous improvement, planning, implementing, evaluating, and reviewing the quality management that will make it possible to prevent problems, correct operational shortcomings, and achieve constant progress in the provision of services, maintaining and updating the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015.
  • Improving the management system processes taking into account service efficiency and sustainability.
  • Focusing efforts on improvements, especially in those processes that affect the provision of services for researchers and internal and external clients, performing process risk analyses to prevent, address, and control possible incidents.
  • Being committed to learning about current trends to be able to adapt to the changing environment of biomedical research and plan future developments. Likewise, adapting quickly and efficiently to emerging situations and new challenges in order to continue offering quality services to researchers.
  • Defining and periodically planning specific quality objectives and providing staff with the resources, information, and practical training necessary to implement these.
  • Fostering staff motivation by creating a good working environment and improving the technical and professional skills of the staff members based on the detection of their needs.
  • Analysing and satisfying the needs and expectations of the stakeholders, through the established channels or through the Core Facilities User Committee, internal and external users, whether these are research personnel in general, company clients, or funding bodies.
  • Disseminating the benefits of and information on the services offered through and with the collaboration of the Core Facilities Users Committee.
  • Complying with the ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements associated with the activities.

The quality policy is reviewed regularly and communicated to all staff through the Intranet, as well as being available to stakeholders via the various Core Facilities website platforms and on the IMIM institutional website.

Núria Somoza abelló

Scientific Director of MARBiobanc

Quality Assurance Policy approval date: 27/04/2021

(PQ001 Versión 5)

Certificat AENOR IQNET