MARBiobanc considers one of its most important objectives to safeguard and provide biological samples and associated information to ensure the interest to the scientific community.

Quality Assurance Policy

MARBiobanc belongs to IMIM's Core Facilities which main objective is providing necessary support to scientific community in carrying out their research activities. MARBiobanc and Core Facilities place a wide range of services and equipment at your disposal as well as technic support for its use.

Following these principles, Quality Assurance Policy of Core Facilities consists of:

  • Establish a continual systematic improvement in the planning, implementation, evaluation of the quality management review letting problem-solving or preventing functional defects as a result of continuous improvement applying ISO 9001:2015.
  • Focus our efforts in improving those processes affecting service provision to researches or internal/external clients, carrying out process risk analysis to prevent, treat and control potential incidences.
  • Motivating personnel and promoting researchers participation in order to successfully improve efficiency and excellence in the services provided.
  • Enabling the necessary resources to technological surveillance in order to meet the changing needs of biomedical research.
  • Settle down specific annual quality goals and providing to the personnel the resources, information and practical training needed to meet such objectives.
  • Meeting the compliance legal requirements and regulations associated with its activities.

Date of approval: 31/01/2017.

Certificat AENOR IQNET