The New MARGenomics Platform is a reality now


The presentation of a new MARGenomics platform ( was held in Josep Marull room in Hospital del Mar the 13th of December, 2018

This molecular and genomic analysis platform is mainly oriented to translational research (from basic to clinic). The main objective is to advise the researcher in all the genomic analysis process from the beginning in the design of the project, through the processing of the samples, to the final data analysis and the discussion of the results.

MARGenomics includes the current Microarray Analysis Service (SAM) and the MARBiobanc platform that manages the transfer of samples to a research projects. A unique secretary MARGenomics / MARBiobanc is created for a better management of these platforms.

The services offered are:

- Advice on experimental design

- Extraction of DNA and / or RNA in different types of samples

- DNA / RNA quality (Quantification and Integrity)

- Real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR)

- Expression and Genomic Microarrays

- Next Generation Sequencing. Analysis of the data obtained through the use of bioinformatic tools and computer clusters