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The samples stored in MARbiobanc are transferred free of charge for those who require them for biomedical research purposes. The expenses invoiced for the material correspond only to samples processing and storage and to administrative costs.


  1. Take full responsibility for informing and training appropriately all researchers and technical staff regarding the risks and optimal preventive measures in management of these biological samples with potential risk criteria.
  2. Pay charges as well as the shipping costs no later than 30 days since the date of invoice. In case of partial shipments, the payment will be done the same way.
  3. Use the samples provided by the MARbiobanc exclusively for this project and only for the purposes specified in this request. Law 14/2007, 3rd of July, of Biomedical Research).
  4. Comply with criteria established by the MARBiobanc Scientific and Ethics Committees, as regards the use of transferred samples and their associated data.
  5. Principal researchers commit themselves to keep the samples in appropriate conditions, and also to maintain the traceability of their use at any moment.
  6. Observe MARBiobanc operation rules in which they are applicable (conservation, codification, traceability, confidentiality, transport ...).
  7. Guarantee in all moment the confidentiality of the samples and their associated data.
  8. Guarantee the availability of genetic information obtained from the samples.
  9. Inform to MARBiobanc about results arising from the use of the mentioned samples.
  10. Agree to destroy/return unused material to MARBiobanc upon completion of the research project purposes.
  11. Researchers should mention the provenance of the samples in all related publications as "Samples provided by MARBiobanc (Parc de Salut MAR Biobank. Barcelona)".
  12. Inform to MARBiobanc of any incident that may affect the conservation, confidentiality or traceability of samples.
  13. Send to the MARBiobanc a copy of each publication and a general report about the research conducted with these samples no later than 2 years since the delivery of the samples.

Type of Samples:

Number of tissue samples for each case:: Tumoral Non Tumoral
Slides of frozen tissue samples
Slides of paraffin-embedded tissue samples
10-15 μm non mounted tissue cross-sections

No whole block deliveries are permitted; only tissue sections or slides can be provided. The number of cases and the number of sections/slides must be specified in the request form; otherwise it could not be evaluated and returned to sender.

Other samples
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